Targeted by Evangeline Anderson

Great review of Targeted: Brides of the Kindred 15 by Evangeline Anderson. Love this author and her amazing Kindred series!!!!

Books of Past, Present, and Future

Freaking amazing job. OMG, loved Targar. There was so many times that I felt very emotional when reading this book and actually cried. That just shows Evangeline Anderson is an amazing author because she pulls you right into the story.

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My Review for Targeted by Evangeline Anderson 


There are some surprises to this book. I love the approach Evangeline Anderson has taken on this book. This can be read as a standalone.

Emily Brooks is a female that lives on earth. She loves kids and teaches kindergarten. Do to something awful that has happen in her past she is unable to stand the thought of being with a man. So marriage and kids seems out of her future. She has always felt different. It is like she has another being living inside her trying to get out. This is very scary to Emily. She feels one day…

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Expressing yourself

One of the ways I used to express my emotions when I was younger was through writing poems. This was especially helpful when I was going through a bout of depression. Here is one of my poems from my teenage years.

The Girl

Who is this girl?

The girl I can’t see.

I look in the mirror

And see only me.

There is a girl residing in me

This one that I can’t see.

She got hurt somewhere along the way,

So I tucked her far away.

As long as she hides inside of me,

Deep inside where no one can see.

She will be safe and get hurt no more.

She is safe to cry forever more.

But something I am learning

As years pass along,

She may be safe

But healing won’t come along.

She cries in there deep inside of me.

The hard part is that I can see.

Every time I look in the mirror.

I see her staring back at me.

I am the one

Who got hurt one day.

I am the one

That cries every day.

I am the one

Who is scared to be seen.

I am the one

Who is on my knees.

I am the girl.

The girl I couldn’t see.

I look in the mirror

And see only me.

You are strong enough

Lately, I’ve been seeing posts about those who suffered from emotional abuse and what their stories were. I’ve decided to share mine.

I was 14 when I met him. Young, innocent, naive, but smart. At first everything was normal, but as we got older things started to change. We would get into fights and lots of them. These were huge screaming matches that was louder than the rock music he would play. He always ended up punching a hole in his wall or door, and I always ended up crying. After we would talk and he would ask why I had to drive him to this level of angry then he would tell me he loved me. There was another incident when we were fighting and his parents weren’t home. We were in the kitchen, and he grabbed a huge knife while yelling at me. I ran out the door and to my car shaking and crying. Eventually I went back inside and once again it was my fault. The sad part was that I thought he was right. I was the one making him this angry, so angry that he wanted to hurt someone.

I never actually thought he would hurt me and he never did physically but it took me many years to realize that I had suffered emotional abuse from him. When I was 18, I graduated high school and joined the military. I was running from him and for myself. I was smart enough to get out but I didn’t think I was strong enough to do it.

While I was in the military, we had stayed in contact with each other. It was over for me, but I found out that it wasn’t for him. He had bought an engagement ring and was planning to propose to me when I got home in a couple of weeks. I told him to take it back that I had wanted to be friends not get back together with him. We hung up with each other but a few hours later, I got a call from him. He had taken a bunch of pills and said he wanted to die. I was so scared and told him I was going to call an ambulance but he told me no. He didn’t want to get off the phone with me. He loved me and wanted to get back together with me. Once again it became my fault for making him believe we would get back together. I told him I would always love him (he was my first love), but that it was over.

I had thought this kind of relationship was normal. That people who loved each sometimes yelled at each other. Now I see how wrong I was. This was not a normal or healthy relationship. And it had turned a once loving, kind, strong and independent young woman into a girl who suffered from depression, anxiety, fear and insecurity. I didn’t think I was strong enough to leave him or that I loves him too much to leave him over what I thought was little fights, but once I did leave, I realized that I had started to get stronger every day I was away from him.

Now I am in a loving healthy relationship where I get stronger and more confident every day. This is the kind of relationship we all deserve to be in. We are all strong enough to leave an unhealthy relationship even if we don’t realize it at the time.


What is your number?



Let’s see, I have a Myspace account (that I never use), a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Vine account, and a Google+ account. Some of these I have multiple ones due to my blog, author in training and being a social media freelancer. Yikes!!!!

It would seem difficult to keep track of all of these accounts, but it is a part of my routine now that I barely notice it. I also try very hard to keep my personal accounts private only having people I know as friends on them and only sharing pictures and news that I internet  mind the world knowing. It is difficult for me, because I am a naturally private person, but I also enjoy communicating with people especially through the internet, since it is not face to face (I’m also naturally shy).

This is a new world we are living indifferent from the world I grew up in where information can be accessed at a click of a button. We still have to be careful and make sure we are aware if what we are sharing through the internet, because we don’t know who might have access to it, but I also believe that the internet is an amazing world where you can meet new and interesting people you might not have otherwise met.

P.S. How many social media accounts do you have?

Saving money on vacation

I know that this is easier said than done, but it is possible.

First off, make sure that your Ebates (see my previous post on Ebates here) is active so you get money back for buying online. Next make sure to shop around. I use a few different sites, but I tend to purchase using Expedia due yo getting points back that I can then later use for a coupon.

Recently, I was able to use my points to get $50 dollars off at a hotel which took it from semi affordable to being affordable. It is pretty easy to make points too especially if you purchase during their specials when they offer double back or something else.

P.S. How do you save money on vacations?


Day 1: No Sugar

So today was the first day for our no sugar for 30 days.

It really wasn’t much different than normal. I made sure to check some of our food that we had in our house to see if it had sugar in it to make sure we didn’t eat anything off of our challenge. Thankfully, my soda was finished yesterday, so I didn’t have to see that. Of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t want one.

My husband and I will be doing a video, but I have decided to wait to post it until the end of our 30 days with all the clips on one video.

P.S. Have you ever given yourself a challenge like this?

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special time for me, because it’s just one more day I can tell my mother how amazing she is and how much I love her.

I have always lived with the idea that I should constantly tell my loved ones that I love them, because you never know when it will be the last. It could be seen as a somber thought, but I see it as a great thing. This thought also helps me from walking out the door angry. And it helps me to remember that every moment is precious and special.

So take this day to tell your loved ones that you love them and make sure to do tomorrow and the day after for you can never express your love for them enough.

P.S. How do you express your love to your family?

Seeing the world…

…one click at a time.

There is nothing better than experiencing life first hand, but I also enjoy viewing the world through the scope of a camera. Sometimes when viewing the world, we can get lost in the big picture, but when looking through the scope of a camera, you are viewing the world one small amount at a time. This can be a nice, simple change from the large, broad one we normally have.

What new things might we discover as we slowly move the camera around? Perhaps, we will see the dew that is on the grass or that small ant carrying food to the rest of them.

When the world just is too big for me to handle, I love taking pics of things that seem ordinary like a simple tree or bush and discovering that when looking at the picture I find that it is not ordinary at all.

P.S. Do you enjoy seeing the world on a smaller scale from time to time?

A world of magic

Well, my family and I got to go to Universal Studios (the original park) on  Sunday. I had won some tickets from a local contest I had entered (yeah)!! Thankfully, Orlando is only an 1.5 hour drive for us so that meant we could make a day trip out of it and not have to get a hotel (although we did find an amazing deal for the night before).

We had a blast, but the part that amazed me the most was Harry Potter’s world. From trying to find it and realizing it was hidden inside a building with the opening like from the first movie when Harry Potter first entered the world of magic through a wall that moved. There was a wand shop, wands that actually made magic happen (they were interactive), the safest place in the world, a dragon that breathed fire every now and again, etc.

They did an amazing job remaining true to the world of Harry Potter, and for those who don’t know about Harry Potter, it is still a magical experience.

P.S. Have you been to the Harry Potter world in Universal either side?


Cell phone plans

Cell phones are an extremely common thing these days and anyone with a smart phones knows that it us like a mini computer, but the price we pay for this convenience can add up very quickly.

When my husband and I were looking to downsize our bills, we found this company that offered an interesting cell phone plan. Most people pay for using cell data but most of the big companies don’t take into account the times that you are on WiFi and not using their cell data.

That is exactly what Republic Wireless offers. Before switching to this company, we were on Sprint’s unlimited plan and were paying about $160/month. With Republic Wireless we ended up paying $60/month for our two phones without hanging the amount that we used our phones. We did have to buy 2 new phones and pay outright for then, but now they have a few different options with some affordable prices.

There are some minor things that have to be dealt with when switching over to this company, but I have felt that it is worth it for us. If you would like to learn more about this company then follow this link.

P.S. What cell phone company do you use, and what do you pay per month?