Wonders of Family

Family is there anything that is sweeter.

I’m sure you laughed at that statement imagining all of the things wrong with your family, or the troubles you have had with them. No one is perfect and that statement is true for families as well, but I can say that I love my family (even when I don’t like them much). Oh boy!! Typing that out, all sorts of lovely future conversations with my family just happened in my mind (lol).

Back on topic, I love that these days families come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, color, etc. Let’s just sum it all up and say families are very diverse. I happen to be a part of one of those. My immediate family includes my amazing husband, my lovely daughter, and me. That seems pretty simple and straightforward unless you have seen us. From the moment, I saw my husband I was attracted to him. He had a confidence that just exuded from him like a ray of sunshine. It didn’t matter to me that he was black, and I was white (still doesn’t). It never even occurred to me to think about it. It used to bother me when we looks and questions about our different races but now I welcome it. I hope that by observing us or talking to us people will learn that love is love. I couldn’t be happier with my diverse family.

P.S. What emotion did you experience when you read the first sentence in this post?


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