What’s up World

Ah world news, my all time favorite subject.

Alright, I might be being a bit sarcastic. I totally believe that knowing and understanding what is going on in the world whether in the past or present is rather important. That being said, I absolutely hate watching or reading most current news outlets. This is not just because it tends to be rather depressing, but also because it is delivered in a way that reminds me of watching reality TV shows which hardly ever reflect actual reality.

I feel the best way to find the truth about something is by going to multiple news outlets to get more information on it. Even then the information should be taken with a grain of salt, because we might not have all of the facts yet.

Of course, it is hard not to get emotional about certain events, and once we get emotional, it becomes hard to stop. I certainly know that I am that way even when I have information given to me that proves that what I feel is wrong, but it still takes some time and struggle for me to change how I feel about something especially if it is something I am passionate about. This is why I try very hard not to get emotional about what the news outlets are feeding me until I have more information (I’m still learning how to do this).

P.S. How do you get your information about world events?


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