There was a time before that?

Do you know what FB stands for or perhaps what a tweet is?

If you do, then you are certainly not alone. Most people are quite comfortable with using Facebook and Twitter among other social media sites, and yet, it wasn’t that long ago that I remember my mom thinking when I sent her a text of lol (on my flip phone) that she thought I was saying lots of love (gave me quite a good laugh then and still does now). Of course, now she knows about as much as I do when it comes to technology. On the reverse side, I find myself becoming dumbfounded at some of these other acronym. Don’t even get me started on my daughter who has been an expert on smart phones, computers and such since she was 2. Here is a link to a hilarious channel that my husband and I watch on Youtube which shows how kids react to old technology:

It’s insane this world we live in with technology and social media. There are good points and bad points to it, but it is no doubt that it is a big part of our world now.

P.S. Does social media confound you, or are you an expert at it?


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