Capturing life

I remember when I first fell in love with taking pictures.

I was about of a 4H club, and we were expected to participate in certain events some of which we could choose from. I decided to choose being a part of a photography contest, because it seemed simple enough. I started taking pictures of my horses and our backyard and eventually I started liking looking at the world in a smaller scope. It was icy on the cake when I won in the photography contest.

It was the first time I started thinking I might actually be a bit creative. Fast forward quite a few years and I still love it. I find that I love taking pics of nature, but I have recently started liking my pics of people too. I also am starting to expand upon it even more by messing around with them, and I’m thinking about learning Photoshop which my husband is quite good at as well. All of the pics i have attached to this blog are pics I have taken at one point or another. You can also find other pics of mine at my Instagram page:

It amazes me how one starts down the path with a hobby and might not even realize how much they will love it.

P.S. What started you down the path toward your hobby/hobbies?



2 thoughts on “Capturing life

  1. Kathy says:

    When I was high school, I chose a Humanities course as one of my electives. The teacher was very engaging and I loved the class. One of our assignments was to study the architecture of buildings in our community. I toured several old ornate churches and was in awe of the detail. When I had the opportunity to go to Paris, my favorite moment was standing in front of Notre Dame. My point is, although the study of architecture never became a hobby, i didnt realize that I had a fascination with old ornate and detailed architecture prior to my school assignment.

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