Is it too early…

So this school year, my husband and I had to make the decision whether to put our daughter in Kindergarten.

You see her birthday is at the end of July, and the cutoff for school is September 1. We knew awhile before this that she would be one of the youngest in school, but we also knew that we would let our daughter help with that decision. The year before we had put her in Pre-K as a way to see if she would be able to keep up, and she did great, so we made the decision to put her in. We could always have her repeat if necessary, and she is an extremely social child so we knew she would be happier being with other kids than staying home all the time (I would be happier too).

I can honestly say that she is doing amazing. I have always thought she was smart, and she is definitely pricing me right. Plus, she has matured so much since she started Kindergarten. I’m glad we made the decision to put her in even though she seemed so much younger and smaller than many of the other children in her class.

P.S. How old was your child (or you) when they started Kindergarten?


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