Where in the World…

Is the truth? What happened to journalists and news medias searching for the truth no matter what?

I hate looking at news media articles, videos, etc., because they are filled with click baiting titles and usually worthless news. I never know or even feel like I’m reading or watching reality. Instead it feels like I am watching some drama show that is trying every trick in the book to make me stop thinking logically and think only emotionally instead.

I hear many other people ask this and say that they need to stop doing this and start telling the truth that they need to be accountable to us and the world. But why would they do this, when their current way is obviously working. They do all of this for ratings, and they wouldn’t keep doing it if their ratings went down.

If you like watching drama and reality shows that obviously don’t show reality, then watch those shows but don’t watch news channels or click on news articles until they actually start caring about finding the truth again instead of just getting high ratings and clicks. Stop commenting on things about how you hate that they keep not putting all the facta out and just stop clicking or watching them. They will not be accountable until we make them be accountable.

P.S. Does it frustrate you when you watch the news without getting all the facts?



2 thoughts on “Where in the World…

  1. Kathy says:

    Absolutely, Wise in Disguise! The news media is definitely full of half truths and lies. Unfortunately, this may be the only worldly education that many people view and sadly believe. There are other forms of media that give us the facts, or at least another perspective but difficult to find. Although we can’t possibly know everything, we can chose what interests us. If there is a story or an article that tweeks your interest, research it! Don’t be ignorant, be informed!

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    • Wise in Disguise says:

      I absolutely agree with you, but I still feel like we should push the media to have no other choice than to find the truth and give it to us otherwise they can ignite panic or fear through these half truths.


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