Hiding in the middle

With all of the presidential candidates coming forward for the 2016 race, I figured I should discuss my opinion on it. I know this is a sensitive issue for many people, so please keep in mind that this is merely my opinion, and you are more than welcome to express your opinion to me, and I will respect it as long as the conversation is done in a professional manner.

Now that my disclaimer is finished, I will move along. I grew up in a conservative, Republican household, and I remained a Republican for many years. I still tend to fall into the conservative category on many issues, but I find that there are some issues where I believe more liberally. What I don’t understand is why our political system seems to fall either left or right, and any party that might fall more toward the middle is not really considered a candidate even if they are running.

For many years having the 2 big political parties has worked, but times have changed, and I believe our political party system needs to change with it. I know many people say they fear changing the political system, but do we really? If we truly did, then there would be no amendments to the Constitution.

Our political system is outdated and needs a face lift if we really expect to have the change that many are fighting for. It is time for our political system to start representing the people once again instead of the idea of what we are.

P.S. Republican politicians tend to be far right, and Democratic politicians tend to be far left. Where do your views fall in the political world?



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