Doing that thing

I’ve talked some about eating right, but as I look back at my posts, I noticed that I have only mentioned exercising in a couple of posts. This is probably due to this distaste I have for exercising.

This was not always so. I uses to love exercising and being active. I rode horses, swam, did color guard, went to the gym and was just outside a lot. So what happened?

Honestly, it all changes while in the military. This was not due to the exercise being hard (although it was). No, it was due to the fact that while in the military exercising became this thing I had to do like a chore or a job. It was no longer fun for me, so I started to harbor a disdain for it.

Fast forward almost 8 years after the military, and I am finally starting to exercise again. I still don’t have the love for it, but I also am finding that I don’t hate it. I will take what I can get.

P.S. Do you have fun when you exercise?



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