When you need a break

I have been married to my husband now for 7.5 years and knew him for a year before that. I remember when we were engaged people would tell us the first year would be the most difficult. Then while we were in our first year of marriage people would tell us that the first 5 years were the roughest. When we had our daughter, people would tell us that a child will change our marriage. I have come to the conclusion that marriage is like any other relationship. It will change. It will go through it’s good times and the not so good times and that is okay.

We change as we get older. I know I am not the same person I was when I was 20. Therefore, I know that my relationship with my husband will change too but that does not mean the death of my relationship with him. These days the divorce rate is so high, and I think this is in part due to people jumping into a marriage with their eyes closed then when they finally open them their relationship has changed. Change is not always bad. It can be very good as long as you grow with your change and understand that loving someone is also loving their changes.

Every person and relationship is different, so why do we try to group every marriage into the same categories. I know that there will be rough patches. I mean there are times when I need space from my mom, dad and sister but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. If I need a break, then I take one. It’s okay to take a break every now and again then go back to it. It’s a great way to make sure we stay sane.

P.S. Do you think a person changing is a factor in the ending of a relationship?


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