Does Embellishment = Lying?

You already read what I think about the news media these days. I think they do it all for ratings. People are drawn to drama even when we say we don’t want anymore drama in our lives. The books we read, the movies we watch, etc are all filled with drama. The news shouldn’t be centered around this though.

I don’t think news needs to be boring, but I do think it should be about facts, and it should be delivered in an opinion free manner, because once someone’s opinion takes over then it is no longer about the facts but about the opinion.

Obviously I am all for people expressing their opinions, I do have a blog. I just believe that our news channels should not be that way, or if they do put their opinions in there, they should state that this is their opinion and not a fact.

Here is just one example of what goes wrong when we trust what our news media is spouting to us. Brian Williams Investigation

P.S. Do you believe that what our news media tells us is the truth and nothing but the truth?


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