There’s an app for that

Recently, I was looking for some money saving tips when I found some information on a couple of different apps that gave meal plans and helped create shopping lists for those meals.

After some research, I decided to try eMeals which has a 14 days free trial. I can say without a doubt that it is awesome. I have cooked a couple of lunch and dinner meals that were healthy and budget friendly plus for my family of 3, we usually can get another meal or two out of the leftovers.

It also makes it pretty easy to go shopping. Once I decide which meals I want to cook, I add it to the shopping cart and it creates a shopping list which I go through to take off things I already have at home and presto I have a shopping list.

My free trial is about to end with them, and I am going to sign up for their lunch and dinner meals, but I am still going to save money because there is a Groupon available for them right now at a discounted rate. You can get 6 Months of Weekly Online Meal Plans from eMeals (Up to 46 Percent Off). Three Options Available.

P.S. How do you find meals to create, and how do you create a shopping list for the grocery store?


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