Seeing the world…

…one click at a time.

There is nothing better than experiencing life first hand, but I also enjoy viewing the world through the scope of a camera. Sometimes when viewing the world, we can get lost in the big picture, but when looking through the scope of a camera, you are viewing the world one small amount at a time. This can be a nice, simple change from the large, broad one we normally have.

What new things might we discover as we slowly move the camera around? Perhaps, we will see the dew that is on the grass or that small ant carrying food to the rest of them.

When the world just is too big for me to handle, I love taking pics of things that seem ordinary like a simple tree or bush and discovering that when looking at the picture I find that it is not ordinary at all.

P.S. Do you enjoy seeing the world on a smaller scale from time to time?


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