What is your number?



Let’s see, I have a Myspace account (that I never use), a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Vine account, and a Google+ account. Some of these I have multiple ones due to my blog, author in training and being a social media freelancer. Yikes!!!!

It would seem difficult to keep track of all of these accounts, but it is a part of my routine now that I barely notice it. I also try very hard to keep my personal accounts private only having people I know as friends on them and only sharing pictures and news that I internet  mind the world knowing. It is difficult for me, because I am a naturally private person, but I also enjoy communicating with people especially through the internet, since it is not face to face (I’m also naturally shy).

This is a new world we are living indifferent from the world I grew up in where information can be accessed at a click of a button. We still have to be careful and make sure we are aware if what we are sharing through the internet, because we don’t know who might have access to it, but I also believe that the internet is an amazing world where you can meet new and interesting people you might not have otherwise met.

P.S. How many social media accounts do you have?


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